Connect and Return to Wholeness

I wanted to tell you my yoga story, or at the very least the beginning of it.

Like many, I began practicing yoga in my teens as a way to manage stress and anxiety. At that time these concepts were totally new to me. My mother recommended yoga as a self-care tool. And as many yogis can attest: it was love at first class. 

Since then, I have taken my yoga practice with me everywhere. Life has been, and will continue to be, full of ebbs and flows -- but what I learned from my practice, is that it’s how you deal with those changes that will determine your success.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, I worked hard at being a journalist. I also started to disconnect from my practice. My mind and body paid for it, and in time I found myself returning to my mat for solace. I practiced for peace (worldly and inner); I practiced for solitude; I practiced to find myself again. Through this work a part of me was transformed.

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