CBC Radio interview on Mindfulness and Meditation

I recently had an amazing opportunity to walk back into the halls of the CBC where I spent 5 years working as a journalist. This time, I was a guest on a very cool radio show. The topic? Soul Searching.

The show was hosted by my friend and fellow yogini, Erin Noel. I am so excited to share the link with you and share a bit more of my personal story about what meditation has done for me. As I said in the piece, I have merely scratched the surface and I'm looking forward to seeing where this practice takes me next. You can listen to the full story online here (my interview is around 13:50 mins). 

I hope you like it and if you want to talk further about meditation or yoga ... there's no time like the present (get it?! PRESENT?! Because meditation takes you into the present moment? ok... I'll stop with the bad jokes). :)