Connect and Return to Wholeness

I wanted to tell you my yoga story, or at the very least the beginning of it.

Like many, I began practicing yoga in my teens as a way to manage stress and anxiety. At that time these concepts were totally new to me. My mother recommended yoga as a self-care tool, and as many yogis can attest: it was love at first class. 

Since then, I have taken my yoga practice with me everywhere. Life has been, and will continue to be, full of ebbs and flows -- but what I learned from my practice, is that it’s how you deal with those changes that will determine your success.

Before becoming a yoga teacher, I worked hard at being a journalist. I also started to disconnect from my practice. My mind and body paid for it, and in time I found myself returning to my mat for solace. I practiced for peace (worldly and inner); I practiced for solitude; I practiced to find myself again. Through this work a part of me was transformed, and I am happy to say I’ve only scratched the surface.

I know from this experience and many others like it, that practicing yoga can be a profound tool for personal growth. I believe in the power of the breathmeditation and movement. And now it’s my mission to share this with you.

My yoga students are vastly different from each other. Some are busy corporate types, while others are retired and others still are only children, but I see a commonality with all of them. We all share a need to connect and return to wholeness. To feel empowered in our emotions and bodies, and to learn, grow and enjoy our lives. Yoga's job and my job are to help you get there. 

See you on the mat!