Zoja Popovic is a Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher. She is drawn to styles of yoga that help to bring the body & mind back into balance. Through meditation and breathing she guides practitioners to a place of deep relaxation. Once the connection with the mind & body has been made, Zoja incorporates intuitive movement practices into her classes, and takes students further into their internal world. She believes this is where real healing can begin.

Before teaching yoga, Zoja was a journalist working in a busy Toronto newsroom. She is no stranger to the effects of stress on the mind & body. She knows that one of the most important benefits of yoga is the ability to return the practitioner back to their natural state of peace and tranquility -- which can help positively transform the lives of her students.

The same unique abilities, which led Zoja to journalism, are the skills that inform her yoga practice & teaching today. She is a no nonsense yogi, & loves to weave fact based theory and philosophy into her classes.